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Mental Attunement.

Mental attunement involves centering your awareness upon your higher self's connection to the source of knowledge and love. If we allow our mind to slip into the ego-self, our psychic readings become inconsistent and unreliable. Even worse, we become unhappy and afraid. We certainly have every reason to want to live in our higher self. Here are some ways that are helpful:

a. See yourself, and everyone you meet, as one with God, and your thoughts and actions will automatically align with love.

b. Avoid identifying with others' egos. Any time we declare the ego as a real state of being, we give power and life to the illusion.

c. Honour your true self. You are a wonderful person who deserves health, happiness, and prosperity - know that! If you spend too much time doing something that is not part of your sacred mission, your inner guide will nudge you. It's important to honour this nudging.

d. Watch out for the "special power" ego trap. As you begin doing psychic readings, be sure to guard your thoughts so that you don't fall into the trap of believing you have special powers. This sort of belief will trigger your ego-self to take over, and your psychic abilities will automatically reduce as a result.

Have a friend roll a dice. Begin by calling "even" or "odd" before the dice is thrown your accuracy will increase with practice. Expand to call the number the dice will land on. This exercise helps you develop your intuition, precognition and clairvoyance (specifically your ability to see numbers).

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