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A 1995 study by William MacDonald of Ohio State University found that people who regularly pray are more likely to have telepathic experiences than people who don't pray. MacDonald explained these findings by saying, "In one sense, the results aren't surprising. You can think of prayer as a type of mind-to-mind communication between a person and God. So prayer and telepathy are related concepts." How to Receive Psychic Guidance Now, it's time to put your psychic mind into action. There are two main ways to access psychic information: by asking a question, or by deciding to allow the information spontaneously to flow into your awareness.

In the first method, you allow your mind to become as blank and relaxed as possible. I visualize my mind as a giant ornate bowl, empty and ready for the infinite universal wisdom to fill it. Then I mentally ask a question. For example, "What time will I arrive at my destination?" or, "What issue does my client who has the 3:00 appointment today want help with?" You can specifically "address" your question to God, your guardian angel, or another loving guide. Or, you can just put the question in your bowl and trust that the highest wisdom applicable will come. You will receive the answer in your mind or body as a picture, feeling, knowingness, or audible words. The second method is similar, but instead of asking to know something, you decide or give yourself permission to know some information. So, after visualizing your mind as an open bowl, relax and make a mental statement. For instance, if you were driving somewhere and wanted to receive directions intuitively, you would affirmatively state, "I now know exactly which roads to take to get to my destination." You will immediately receive guidance by either hearing the names of the roads to take, or feeling yourself pulled right or left at the crucial intersections.

Practice Makes Perfect Here are some specific exercises to increase your confidence in your ability to tap into psychic guidance: Parking Spaces: In a parking lot, allow your mind and body to relax and become as open as possible. Relax with deep breaths. Feel your way to an empty parking space and allow your intuition to guide you. Or, ask your angels or spiritual guide to find an empty parking space, and request that they give you signs or directions to lead you there. While Driving: Ask psychic questions about what moves the driver ahead of you is about to make, which road to turn on to reach your destination, or what time you will arrive. You will either hear the answer, see it in your mind's eye, get a feeling about the answer, or else simply know the answer.

Appointments: If you have an appointment to meet someone new, ask to receive psychic impressions about that person. You can also ask what time the person will arrive at your appointment, or whether they are running late or ahead of schedule. The Telephone: Whenever the telephone rings, allow the psychic impression of who is calling to enter your mind before you answer the call. Ask, "Is this a man or a woman calling?" and, "Who is calling?" With practice, you will become very tuned in to your incoming callers. The Television Set: Turn on a television program with which you are unfamiliar. Turn your back away from the television monitor, so you cannot see the screen or its reflection. Listen to the actors and actresses talking, and visualize what they look like. Turn around from time to time to check your accuracy. Keep a Coincidence Journal: Write down every instance, minor and major, in which a coincidence plays a role. This list helps you to focus your mind on coincidences. The more you pay attention to coincidences, the more of them will come your way.

As you adopt these methods into your daily routines, you will immediately find yourself receiving psychic information about your relationships, job, health, and future. I recommend that you keep a journal of all the transmissions you receive. This journal will help you to develop a trust in the validity of your psychic impressions. You will also be able to notice any recurrent themes within your incoming transmissions. If you ever feel overwhelmed by all the psychic data streaming into your consciousness, you can turn down its volume any time you want. To do so, simply decide that you choose to be less aware of the psychic frequencies. Use the power of your intentions to adjust the psychic volume to a comfortable and - most importantly - enjoyable level.

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