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Prep Work for all exercises

      Find a time when you can have at least 10 minutes without interruption. Put the kids to bed and the dog out the door, turn off the phone and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself.
      Do your favorite relaxation method. You want you mind and body to be at peace, as free of stress as possible before you start.

fact [fakt]
(plural facts)
something known to be true: something that can be shown to be true, to exist, or to have happened

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New scientific research from leading international universities proves what many of us have known for a long time: that psychic abilities are a natural and normal human skill. Like any skill, you can practice and learn ways to increase your enjoyment and use of your natural psychic abilities.

Within the past decade, scientists around the world (including sceptical researchers who initially sought to disprove psychic phenomena) have verified the existence of ESP and telepathy. Cornell University scientists used airtight methodology in 11 successive experiments that concluded that telepathy is a real skill that everyone naturally possesses. During 1996, university laboratories in Nevada and Japan discovered that subjects' blood pressure and heart rate decreased or accelerated the moment another subject thought either loving or hateful thoughts about them.

Scientists believe this may explain why people may call us soon after we think of them. The term, "sixth sense" isn't just a coined expression but a scientifically verified fact.
Even more, researchers have pinpointed specific factors which anyone can use to increase his or her access to psychic wisdom. By making simple adjustments to our home or office environment, and our ordinary lifestyle, we automatically receive more intuitive guidance. By incorporating these findings into my everyday life, my own psychic ability has felt more like a well-trained horse than a wild beast. I can now hold the reins and steer it at will. Today I'm in the habit of using my psychic power for practical details, such as, "What time will I arrive at my appointment?" and "Which street should I turn on to get to my destination?" My psychic guidance steers me to empty parking spaces, friendly bank tellers, and shopping bargains. On deeper matters, I receive psychic counsel about helping my clients, getting closer to God, and the best foods to eat for optimum health. In short, psychic awareness has great practical uses for daily living.

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