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I believe you already know that you have psychic skills,that is why you have Googled this site, Or maybe you're just hoping that your ability to know who is calling on the telephone is more than mere coincidence.The truth is that you are psychic

On our journey to become psychic, we often find that our outlook on the world and universe around us starts to change. In some ways, it becomes more complex and in others it becomes so much simpler. This article looks at a few tips and techniques you can use to help keep your psychic training from becoming derailed.

 It is important to remember to not get caught up in terminology differences. Every region of the world tends to have their own terms to cover specific psychic abilities and all the knowledge that goes into the path to become psychic. I have seen some mind boggling arguments over the differences between clairvoyance and visions. People have spent weeks arguing over which is the correct term for a specific situation when it really doesn't matter from a psychic training or even from the mundane level. If you allow it to happen, things like this can stop you on your path to become psychic.  Inner Workings of Psychic Abilities

 Most people have no idea what is involved in psychic training from the physical level which makes it very hard to develop psychic abilities spontaneously unless you are lucky enough to be born with finely tuned psychic abilities. It is important to realize however that psychic training can work because your psychic abilities are much like muscles. The more you use them, the stronger they become.

 There are two scientific facts you must learn, accept and understand to be able to fully understand this concept. 1) Everything in the world is composed of energy. 2) Energy never dies. It simply transmutes (transforms) from one form to another. Both of these are commonly accepted scientific facts you can verify on most any science site.

 The physical senses within our bodies, perceive the world around us on a level that is much coarser or heavier than the atomic level. We see the table or desk our computers are sitting on as being a solid object but when you look at your desk through a strong enough microscope, you can easily see that the atoms within the desk are constantly moving through a primordial soup.

 The reason the computer does not simply sink into the desk is the wave lengths of the energy signatures are different enough that the two energy wave lengths can not mix and with the limited ability our human sensing organs have, we perceive the desk as a solid.

 When you understand this concept, it is understandable why some spiritual teachings talk about "being one with the universe". It is all (we are all) just energy. So in psychic training we work to shift your mind from seeing the world as millions of solid object, to seeing them as energy signatures because energy can be read and measured.

 Now we look at the concept of "energy never dies". From the world we see with our eyes, when something dies, it begins to rot (transmute/transform) into something else and from what we perceive, it wastes away to nothing. But that is not exactly correct.

 Whether it rots or turns to dust, it is only the out shape of the item that has changed. The energy is still there, just in a different form. It mixes with the earth, the water supply and the wind to be cycled around and used in its new form, creating a never ending cycle. When you here people talk about the cycle of life, this is what they are truly talking about, but the songs sound much nicer than thinking about things rotting.

 Here again, it becomes easy to see where the concept of "being one with the universe" fits in. Because everything cycles and recycles and the energies have been mixing since the beginning of time.

 So for psychic training purposes, it is important to understand that the energy of a person that has passed on, becomes mixed with the energies of every other person. This is why it is often harder to read the energies "from thin air" rather than from an item the person owned or had touched.

 The energies left on one item owned or touched by a person are more concentrated than the energies pulled out of thin air.

The Lost Secret
Become Psychic by sensing energies
As you develop psychic abilities, you learn to sense or read the energies that are in every single one of us. The energies move through and around us and as you tune into the energies you begin to understand what has happened or is going to happen.

 As you learn to become psychic, you are literally learning to sense these energies and to understand what they are telling you. You are allowing your body to become much like a electrometer. However your own personal electrometer has no measured levels to tell you about the energy. Your brain learns to determine the meaning of the energies and that is where we become much more than any mechanical sensing machine.

Begin to Become Psychic

 The path to become psychic requires work for most people. The very few will have immediate, life changing knowledge from the energies that surround us. The majority can learn to sense the energies if they are willing to put in the effort and only the tiniest few will see any of their psychic training go to waste.

 This web site is dedicated to help you become psychic. It will never be a finished product because we are constantly looking for new exercises and ideas you can use in your psychic training.

 You will find a growing number of exercises you can use to help you learn how your own body responds when it senses the energies. Pay attention to the little things your body says and you will advance faster than you every dreamed possible.

This sites mission

Is to help You the reader change your psyche and spend the next years working with, and improving your psychic skills. For free. And if anybody can do it - you can do it ,It just takes a while, some persistence and staying power to gain the ability. For the last 35 years I have been collecting books and information on this psychic phenomena and other phenomena, which has culminated in the publishing of this web site, it will take forever to get my knowledge uploaded, So do not be frighting to ask a Question, email zn.loohcs.cihcysp@etep‎ Please beware that this is a public site about psychic matters only, You should never pay for this information from anyone as by doing so destroys part of what you are trying to achieve, remember this Quote "money is the root of all evil" and to be charged for this information means the Seller does not truly believe in his or her own psychic ability and wishes to profit from those that wish to make their and others life better. I would call that greed. .So please take full advantage of all the free tutorial I offer at this site. I will be adding more literature as the site grows so call back for more inspiration and help.  Yours sincerely Pete.

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