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staying motivated

Keep a journal – psionic journal might contain your whole knowledge (like a grimoire), or it can keep only simple daily notes. Keep a journal of your psychic development, within it, include exercises you performed during specific day, results of these exercises, your supernatural experiences, people you talked with, new things you have learned etc. With time such notebook might become very useful source of information for future research. Either keep a paper notebook, or a digital one. From my own experience I can tell you that blogs won’t work here – make your psonic journal private. <br.

Read more books – the more books you read, the more knowledge you have, and more understanding you have over everything occult. When developing psychic abilities, don’t hesitate to read books about general paranormal, occult science, magic, or scientific books. Even paranormal fiction can be read if you want. Books do not just expand your knowledge, but they also provides you with information you can use to expand your training techniques and explore different possibilities.

Have someone to talk with – when you discuss what you do with someone, it makes you focused on things you do. I often talk about psychic development with my wife, it helps me narrow my area of interest and focus on constant psychic development. She also helps me understand specific things, she points me to my flaws in logic. Thanks to person you can talk with, you can keep your focus and you can keep walking the right path of psychic development. Find someone you like and trust. ,br.

Have someone to practice with – there’s no better way to keep training schedule than having someone to practice with, even if you practice two different things – like for example you practice advanced energy manipulation, and your training partner is just learning how to stimulate his thumb . Perhaps the person you talk with about psychic abilities would like to learn something himself. If not, just look around, it’s not that difficult to find a person interested in psychic development these days.

Keep your goals in mind – my goal is to create a free online re·source , for this I’m collecting books and documents of different sort related to psychic development and the occult. but the point remains the same – keep your goal in mind and it will motivate you to keep practicing day by day. What is your goal? Maybe you want to impress your friends, or maybe you want to learn how to communicate with animals. As long as you have a goal, you can motivate yourself to reach it!

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