Free Psychic School / 2


Meditate daily. Studies show a definite relationship between meditating and psychic abilities. Scientists have observed that meditation synchronizes the wave patterns of the left and right brain hemispheres. This synchronization apparently allows a free flow of information from the "psychic" right brain into the left brain's verbal centres. Research also shows that a synchronization occurs between the brain patterns of one who meditates and the person she or he is thinking about. You don't need to spend a great deal of time meditating to achieve benefits from its practice. A mere fifteen minutes devoted to meditating first thing in the morning, and then five minutes before going to sleep, can greatly influence your intuitive, psychic, and healing capabilities. Remember that time is an earthly idea.
When you stand in line at the bank, tell yourself which teller will serve you. This exercise is similar to the first, but you can see your "target." This exercise helps you develop your intuition and your ability to psychically connect with others who are in close proximity.
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