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It is best to do these psychic exercises in order as they are listed on this page. Their purpose is to awaken your senses to the world around you. Making you a better receiver of the fine energies we read with out psychic awareness.

If you start to feel very tired while doing any of these exercises, chances are you are trying to force things into happening instead of just allowing them to happen. You should expend almost no energy while completing these exercises. In fact, when you return from one of them you should feel exhilarated and refreshed, never tired.

It is entirely possible that you will fall asleep while completing one of the exercises. If you are prone to falling asleep during meditation it is more apt to happen, so prepare in advance for the possibility. Only you know what you personally need to do in this situation. Some may sit in a chair so they will wake up before falling. Others prefer to be laying down. It is a personal decision only you can make.

After you have completed the psychic exercises a few times, chances are exceptionally good you will see an increase in "knowing" about people, places and things. This is good and is exactly what you want to have happen because you are tuning into the fine energies.

Very rarely, a person will feel discomfort while performing one of the exercises. Should this happen we urge you to stop the exercise and examine what was causing the pain. It is highly possible one of the exercises has triggered an event from your past that causes you some emotional pain. If the pain happens repeatedly while attempting this exercise, we urge you to talk to your doctor. There could be something physically wrong or there could be a psychological blockages that needs profession help to release it. Should you decide to continue the exercise, note that you do so at your own risk and we can not be responsible for the outcome.

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