Free Psychic School / Taste


After you have completed the prep work, above look at the vegetables above. But don't just look at them as if you are looking at a photo, be in the room with the veggies. Sit at the table with them and feel the surface of the table under your hands as they lay on the table.

Can you feel the pressure of the chair as you sit on it. Now reach out and touch the glass the vegetables are in. Is it cool to the touch or are the vegetables warm enough to have warmed the glass?

When you have your psychic awareness settle firmly into your surroundings so the table, the vegetables all look, feel and smell real, reach out, pick up one of the veggies and pop it into your mouth.

Do you taste the veggie? Did someone add salt or pepper to it, or is it just the good for you taste of a veggie at its peak of perfection.

Slowly chew it and when you are ready, swallow it. Go ahead and have a few more vegetables. Eat just a few or the whole glass if you like, it is 100% up to you. Just make sure you have all of you senses involved it the exercise.

You want everything to be as real as possible. When you are ready, pull your awareness back into the room you are in. If you have done everything correctly, you will still taste the vegetables in your mouth.

The above psychic exercise is designed to help you advance your sense of taste. This can allow you to, with practice, literally taste thoughts, ideas and images that may come to you.

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