Free Psychic School / Smell


This first lesson in this series of psychic exercises involves looking at the flower in the above photo. Imagine the flower is framed in a window and you are looking through that window at the flower. Open the window and step through it so you can get a better look at the flower.

As you approach it, notice the texture of the petals and leaves. Let your awareness close in on every tiny aspect of the flower, but don't stop with just your eyes.

Let your awareness flow into your hands, then reach out and touch the flower. Feel the silky smoothness of the petals and the slightly rougher texture of the leaves.

Did to catch that scent? Breathe deeply and inhale the wondrous scent of the flowers.

How does the sun feel against your skin? Does the air temperature leave you with chill bumps or is it nice and warm, soothing to your mind, body and soul.

Spend some time walking among the flowers. Let your mind experience the scene to the fullest. Allow your awareness touch, feel and experience everything around you to the fullest.

Your goal is to literally feel the flowers, literally smell their scent. Experience the scene as if you were a part of it and you totally forget you are looking at a photo.

Continue the psychic exercise for as long as you like and when you are ready, slowly pull your awareness out of the photo and back into the room you are in. If you have accomplished your goal, you will still be able to smell the flowers and your skin will still feel the temperature of the scene.

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