Free Psychic School / Movement


After you have completed the prep work above look at the boats at dock. Bring your psychic awareness into the photo so you are no longer in the room you are in, but you are there, seeing all the sights and sounds at the dock.

See the magnificent colors of the boats and sky. Feel the ocean breeze blowing on your skin. Hear the birds as they call out from the clear blue sky above you.

Pick out a boat you want to go on. Walk down the wooden dock next to the boat. Feel the dock sway slightly with each step you take. Stop for a moment and feel the movement of the dock as the water laps against it each time a wave makes it way in.

When you are ready, step onto the boat you picked out. Feel the boat rock slightly from your weight as your step on board. Is someone else moving around on the boat? Do you feel the movement of the boat as they cause the boat to rock?

Can you tell if the person is heavier or lighter than you? Use your psychic awareness to compare the boats movement when they walk to how it moves when you walk and you will have your answer.

Find yourself a deck chair and sit back in it. Relax and close your eyes, then let your senses reach out and explore the world around you. See, feel, hear, touch and taste the world. Allow the gentle rocking of the boat to relax and calm your nerves.

When you are ready, slowly bring your awareness back into the room around you. If you have done this exercise correctly, you will bring back some of the smells, sounds and tastes of the world in the photo.

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