Free Psychic School / Free Form

Free Form

After you have completed the prep work, see yourself standing on a high mountain top. As you look around you, it appears you are surround by clouds. Your senses are filled with fluffy white clouds floating in a clear blue sky.

Hold out your arms and allow all your psychic sense to drink in your surroundings. Let the rest of the world cease to exist as you hang there floating in a sea of clouds.

When all of your sense are fully involved, notice that you can move among the clouds. With just a tought you can soar upwards or glide down to earth. The choice is yours. You can go any where in the world or in the universe that you want to go to.

As you make your journey, takes time to stop and allow all of your senses to be used. Smell all the smells on your travels. Feel all the textures of plants, animals and fabrics as you go. Taste the foods of the locals and close your eyes and see the fine details of everything.

Spend as much time as you like, exploring the worlds you visit. Interact with the people and partake of the delights these far off places have to offer your senses.

When you are ready, slowly bring your awareness back into the room around you. If you have done this exercise correctly, you will bring back some of the smells, sounds and tastes of the worlds your visited on your journey.

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