Free Psychic School / Awareness


Development of psychic awareness is important enough that you should work on it on a regular basis, even after you believe your psychic senses to be fully developed.

Information comes to our psychic senses in many different ways and if you are not aware of your surroundings and your own body, it is easy to overlook important pieces of information.

Think for a moment about the actual process that goes on when psychic abilities are activated.

Remember from previous lessons that everything in the universe is composed of energy and energy moves in waves. Our bodies are not sensitive enough to sense all of the energy we are constantly being bombarded with and I for one am glad of that or else we would stay stressed out to the point of being unable to help anyone.

We can train our bodies to be more sensitive to certain types of energies. We want the energies that are informational in scope to come through while keeping out all the energies that don't have an instant affect on our subject and that is what this psychic exercise is about.

We increase our body's sensitivity to energy in the exact same way we manipulate energy, via our minds. The entire process is actually very calming and pleasant so don't worry about it being hard to do.

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